„Hungarian Heritage - European Quality”

„Hungarian Heritage - European Quality”

Dynamis Ltd. is entirely a Hungarian family owned business. This company form and name has been used since 2004. Its predecessor company was founded in 1954 bequeathing expertise to the following generations. Today the third generation is involved in handling production and organising.

Dynamis Ltd. primarily focuses on barrel making as a field of woodworking industry. The company is located in the Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region and one of its co-owner is a winemaker. For decades the family business mainly concentrated on selling its products to Hungarian wine regions. Since 2000 special emphasis has been put on the search for international markets and export of products.

Selling barrels in the Australian market between 2000 and 2005 meant a great opportunity for gaining valuable experience. Currently, the company has been doing business with German, Italian, French and Spanish companies. In Hungary barrel-making is based on centuries-old traditions. The appearance of modern winemaking brought about a change in the role of barrels, occupying an important position in winery technology. Today barrels are no longer merely used as objects for storage and transport. Barrels have become the necessary tools of technology in winemaking. During fermentation and ageing the barrel acts as a catalyst for these biological and chemical processes, thus becoming an aid, an integral part of the process. Hungarian oak forests provide excellent base material for barrels. There are oak forests of outstanding quality in the Zemplén Mountains. For barrel-making the company uses the slow-growing Sessile Oak (Quercus Petraea). This particular type grows slowly on volcanic soil and has the annual rings packed tightly with a dense tissue. These trees are carefully selected in the forests and are transported to the cooperage. The logs are cut and quartered. The staves are stacked and left to mature for 24-36 months to be ready for barrel-making. During the natural process of drying, due to exposure to the weather and elements, tannins of the oak become less strong. The oak becomes capable of interacting with tannins from the grapes and refining the acidity of wine. The other important role of the barrel in the process of ageing is the key part it plays in the appearance of micro-oxidation. Furthermore, barrels are capable of lending wine the special taste and aroma gained during the different levels of roasting. These characteristics can be well defined in barrel fermented (barrique) wines. Toasting can be Light (L), Medium (M), Medium+ (M+) or Heavy (H).


Dynamis Ltd. applies the traditions developed for centuries when using the European technology with its oak barrels.
Phone/ Fax: +36 47 315 177 Mobile: +3630 279 5954 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Web: www.dynamis-hordo.hu
Dynamis Ltd. offers the following products for export:

  • For wineries: 225 L and 500 L Bordeaux Barrels; 228 L and 300 L Burgundy Barrels
  • For breweries and distilleries: 400 L and 500 L Puncheon barrels
  • For fruit brandy ageing: Hungarian barrel types (Product specifications are outlined in the attached price chart.)

Production capacity of Dynamis Ltd. is 1200-1500 pieces per year. In the near future, this quantity is to be increased by the expansion of the cooperage. The company has won tenders for technology development which are in progress.
Dynamis Ltd. is committed to international markets in two ways. One aim is to strengthen and extend the already existing international relationships. For instance, the company intends to increase contact and grow sales with wineries in Italy, Germany and Spain. The other goal is to enter new markets, for the purpose of contact and sales mainly in the wine growing regions in the US and Mexico.